Patient Education at Shelby Dental Care Center

patient education in shelby, NC

Our dentists believe in the power and importance of patient education. At our dental office in Shelby, NC, we value partnerships with our patients to maintain optimal oral health. Our doctors provide all new and existing patients with a thorough overview of their individual health needs and proposed treatment plans. This allows patients to feel empowered by their dental care and experience safety and comfort in the dental chair. 

To help our patients feel up to date and informed, we have provided a forum for frequently asked questions and topics related to dental care and oral health. From common dental topics to current events, our team is dedicated to providing clients with a wealth of information to inform their own dental treatment, home care, and dental health education. 

Education and Patient Understanding

In addition to helping patients and family members feel at ease, we believe that patients can feel more empowered to make their own health care decisions. Effective patient education begins with a readiness to learn and the breakdown of barriers to learning. Our team addresses both of these issues by encouraging patients to ask questions about their patient health status, and partnering with our dental care team to find the best solutions to meet their goals and needs. 

Whether you have a chronic condition or a sudden dental issue, education is an invaluable tool at your disposal. Understanding all of your treatment options can help you gain confidence and comfort in making your dental health care decisions. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you might have about your procedure. 

Do not hesitate to ask one of our dentists about any concerns you may have

Dentist and Patient Educator

Our dentists are far more than oral health professionals; they also function as patient educators. Whether our dentists educate immediately before a procedure or educate via a dedicated online venue, our team unanimously believes in the importance of patient education prior to receiving or consenting to services

Patient education and counseling are vital parts of the dental office experience. Because dental procedures frequently come along with a heaping of dental anxiety and uncertainty, all of our dentists work hard to make sure that patients have a clear understanding of everything involved in a treatment plan.

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