Cosmetic Dentist in
Shelby, NC

At Shelby Dental Care Center, we know the value of a stunning smile. As cosmetic dentists in Shelby, NC, we offer treatments and procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile. We have an eye for detail and an artistic hand to give you the smile you deserve. Learn more about our cosmetic dental services below.

We combine our scientific knowledge and artistic mastery to practice dentistry from a beauty-defined outlook. The result? A glittering smile, a natural teeth appearance, and a reason to always laugh.

Contact our dental office to schedule an appointment with our team of cosmetic dentists today. We look forward to enhancing the health and beauty of your smile.

Shelby Dental Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments


Sometimes a tiny defect in our teeth can hamper the confidence in our smile. Cosmetic bonding helps improve the appearance of chipped, broken, stained, spaced, or crooked teeth by using a colored composite resin to fix the issue.

Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

Full mouth reconstruction, popularly known as “smile makeover,” blends esthetics with restorative dentistry to enhance the mouth’s health, function, and beautiful quality. Procedures may be customized or combined to include dental implants, crowns, veneers, or teeth whitening. As the name connotes, full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation refer to a total makeover of your whole mouth.

In-Office and At-Home Whitening

Cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening are small actions that significantly improve your smile and discolored teeth. When it comes to deciding between in-office bleaching or at-home whitening, in-office whitening offers faster, better, and longer-lasting results than home bleaching. For either procedure, the gum tissue is protected to avoid sensitivity while brightening your teeth.

Onsite Ceramist

Our onsite ceramist is an expert craftsman for making dental prosthetics, such as dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and bridgework. His professional eye ensures all products have a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Tooth Colored Restoration

Tooth-colored restorations, such as inlays and onlays, are bonded to the teeth to address problems or imperfections. The material matches the color of your tooth when applied to fill cavities. Their natural feature makes the filling appear nearly invisible.


Dental veneers are customized thin shells of porcelain used to remake the natural look of your teeth. Veneers are designed to fit your smile, making it difficult to differentiate between your natural teeth and the veneer.



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