At Shelby Dental Care Center, we strive to provide the best dental care.

This includes investing in the latest technologies so that we can offer our patient family a wide range of intricate treatments. Dental technology is ever- changing and always evolving, and we’re happy to say we stay at the forefront of every exciting development. All because we believe that exceptional dental care leads to exceptional smiles which lead to exceptional laughter.

All with an end goal of enhancing your health, beauty and happiness. At Shelby Dental Care Center, we are please to offer:

Computerized Custom Smile Design

Computerized Custom Smile Design allows the dentist to simulate a visual of the end result.

Laser Therapy

Laser technology allows us to use lasers to treat a variety of dental concerns. Lasers can make dental treatments more efficient, cost effective, and comfortable.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Cameras are designed to capture and display from a patient’s mouth, thus allowing the patient to see what we see inside of your mouth.

Low-Dose Computerized X-Rays including Extraoral X-Rays For Comfort Diagnosis

X-rays allow the dentist to see and diagnose issues beyond the gumline, thus allowing for a full mouth diagnosis. X-rays allow for the dentist to fully see the roots, gums, and bones as well as any issues involving these areas.

Digitally Scanned Impressions

Digitally Scanned Impressions are the latest technology in capturing a replica of the mouth. The technology utilizes a wand that provides a 3D rendering of both the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.
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