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Our Payment Policies

Affordability and payment options are a consideration that every family has to look at carefully while making health care decisions. Therefore, the Dental Team at Shelby Dental Care Center is willing to help you fit your dental care into your family’s budget and work out a payment option with you prior to receipt of services. 

Our Payment Policies

Cash or Check

Credit/Debit Cards

Visa & Mastercard

Payment Plans

Financing options are made possible by Care Credit. See our Financing info below for details.


Financing is provided by Care Credit. You can apply for a separate line of credit from Care Credit to cover your family’s dental care needs. The financing plans provided by Care Credit will allow you to pay for care over time. There are a variety of reduced rate and no-interest option payment terms. The application process is quick and can be done either in-office or online. Care Credit offers convenient monthly payments and an easy-to-use online bill payment option. 


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