About Us

About the Practice

At Shelby Dental Care Center, we combine advanced technology with the craftsmanship of dental artistry to create beautiful, natural smiles that make you want to laugh. A great smile is a reflection of your self-confidence and is imperative to your overall health and happiness. Laughter is the fullest expression of that smile. We are your partner for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.  And, a lifetime of great laughs.

It is the goal of Shelby Dental Care Center to provide exceptional dental care. Our dentists know that communication is crucial. Knowing what your treatment options are and being informed with the details of your care is imperative in making good decisions.

From the moment you arrive at Shelby Dental Care Center, you sense a feeling of warmth, welcome, fun and friendship. Our patients are our highest priority, and we take the time to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed in our office and laughing when leave. We look forward to caring for you and your family.

Laurel Leaf Story

In ancient Greece, the native laurel tree (laurus nobilis), which the Greeks call Daphne, was used to clean the teeth. The fragrant, essential oils of the branch of the tree had antiseptic and other therapeutic properties for the teeth and gums. When chewed, the end would then come to resemble a brush of sorts whose loose, frayed fibers would be brushed over the teeth to clean them. The antiseptic properties of the oils also helped to stimulate blood circulation to the gums, promoting their health and regeneration. After chewing on the branch, or the leaves, the mouth was cleaned and left with a fresh, clean scent.